How it Works

Think of this as a virtual classroom.

When you “enroll” in this course, you will receive instant access to all course materials.

You can go at your own pace and jump around to any specific section you’d like.

  • You’ll download and print the respective course nutrition manuals.  Many students find it convenient to put them in a binder. Or, save paper and just view it in a pdf reader.
  • You’ll access and download any of the components of the Nourishing Hope Food Pyramid, and the respective special diet guides.
  • You will be able to watch and listen to each respective module, print or view the accompanying presentation slides.
  • You can watch presentations from five holistic pregnancy practitioners: a midwife, doula, chiropractor, psychotherapist, and acupuncturist.
  • Q&A Calls. Once you get started, be sure to register for an upcoming Q&A call. In this course, you get to study at your own pace and have access to me and the chance to get your specific nutrition questions answered as you go through the material. You may attend more than one call.
  • You can also interact with other “classmates” by posting comments on any of the weekly class download pages with your thoughts on that section.