What People are Saying About This Course

I’m feeling energized and inspired about the prospect of starting a healthy family.

Tammy T.

Julie provides extensive knowledge about the nutritional needs of pregnancy and how to prepare your body to have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

Rachel M.

Taking this course made me feel more confident that I was doing the right things during my pregnancy. I learned specific differences between foods and supplements – What milk and meat are best and also the differences between fish oil and cod liver oil. We got down to some good specifics. I liked getting the manual with lots of the information – I refer to that often. Julie gave lots of helpful tips for eating and staying healthy.

Sally Starker

I’ve entered a new world of thinking and reading about both nutrition and general wellness.

Barbara J.

Julie has been a wonderful source of practical information about healthy living. She’s helped me focus on key areas to improve my health and feeling of well-being. As a new mom, I’ve really appreciated her warm and thoughtful guidance.

Lida Morgenstein

I participated in Julie’s class to gear up for my second pregnancy and wished so much that I’d taken it in time for my first. Julie’s knowledge is deep and research-based and her class was incredibly useful, inspiring, eye-opening, and practical. Because of her class I’ve entered a new world of thinking and reading about both nutrition and general wellness for which I am so grateful.

Kirsten Steward Beckwith

I know a lot more about healthy food choices and supplements that would help make my body healthier before, during, and after pregnancy.

Sarah Smith

Loved it. So glad to have found you! You are a great resource! The class was very thorough, covering everything from building up nutrient reserves before conception to introducing solid foods when your baby is ready. I was especially impressed by and grateful for the reference binder, packed with information to help navigate so many different aspects of nutrition during all phases surrounding pregnancy. Now that my baby is 5 months old and super healthy, I can see the results of informed nutrition. She gained weight at a very healthy pace after birth, learned to sleep through the night at 2 months, and has a great temperament. I definitely feel like good nutrition played a big role, and recommend that moms learn all they can to support their babies nutritionally.

Gemma Paton

I have learned how to shop for more nutritious foods, alternatives to certain foods, and how small changes to diet can be really beneficial.

Katie Madlung

About the Course Manual…

Very inclusive and well planned.

Donna McIntosh

Really good! I loved having the manual and the power point slides.

Beth Grasela, MS, CN

Extremely informative, well written, and very well organized. I printed it off and plan to use it in the future.

Katie Madlung

Great! It was VERY informative. I still refer to it.

Kara Sword