This news story conveys the audacity of the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), and the personal impact of their actions upon my natural, healthful family – and local respectful farmers.

My wife, Julie Matthews is among the worlds leading nutritionists specializing in autism, as well as healthy pregnancy and babies. She knows a thing or two about making safe, quality food choices for herself, our baby, and her clients.

It’s perfectly legal to purchase and consume raw milk in California, and legal to own a share of a cow or goat. City dwellers contracting with farmers for direct access to healthy food is a sacrosanct relationship dating back to the dawn of urban living. I’m among countless San Francisco denizens who engage in this practice, be it for veggies or dairy.

But recently, government officials are interfering with citizens’ constitutionally protected right to choose what they eat. Our Government seems to think that we are STUPID people who are unable to engage in private contracts and make our own FOOD CHOICES and that we need to be protected…from ourselves.

I disagree. –Martin Matthews

Here’s the news story that ran on KPIX Channel 5 in San Francisco, local CBS affiliate. Find the original story here. 


From Julie Matthews.

Raw milk has numerous nutritional benefits, and research studies specify its advantages over commercially produced, hormone containing, enzyme depleted, pasteurized milk. Many adults and children cannot tolerate pasteurized milk; yet have no challenges drinking natural (raw) milk. When sourced from a clean farm and healthy herd – akin to mother’s natures’ best work for centuries, raw milk is exceedingly safe and nutritious.

To be sure, motherhood is fraught with tough, sometimes risky decisions. Life itself is risky: crossing the street, playing in a pool, eating food. Nonetheless, the choices we make as parents are…ours to make! We do not need the government to protect us.

The guise of protection always accompanies reduced freedoms. In the news story, you’ll hear the sentiment of the California Department of Food and Agriculture; on the one hand saying the wish to encourage my close relationship with my farmer, but on the other – choosing to interfere in my relationship. Hogwash!

I know better than they do about what’s best for my family! And I’m not stupid – as the state seems to imply they need to save me from myself!

Despite the insulation in the news story, there is NOTHING illegal about herdshares in California. A herdshare agreement is a private contract between two private individuals. The state of California is now trying to regulate these private contracts, reinterpret laws, and force family farmers out of business or force them to become a commercial dairy.


  • Has there been a dangerous outbreak? No
  • Has this milk ended up on grocery store shelves? No
  • Has there been an incident with a herdshare in California? No

The CDFA claims it’s a “food safety issue.” Yet, there is no public safety issue because herd share milk exchanges hands only between private parties, not the public.

I’m insulted. As a Certified Nutrition Consultant, it seems that I may know more about the benefits and safety of raw milk, than most state and federal regulators. But that is not the point.

The point is – it’s none of the state’s business, and we mothers will not allow government regulators to dictate what our family can and cannot eat!!! What’s next, regulation of breast milk? Babies might need government protection from RAW breast milk; after all, who knows where those boobies have been, or what mom’s been eating? Seriously!

We must not tolerate this tyranny. On the state and federal level we need to vote for leaders who legislate based on the constitution and who believe in liberty and food freedoms for everyone!

Congressman and Dr. Ron Paul supports raw milk—he even introduced a bill to repeal the inhibition of raw milk transportation across state lines. I will be writing more on Ron Paul soon because when our food freedoms are threatened we cannot separate food from politics.

Please share your thoughts and experience with raw milk.

If you are a mom that feeds your family raw milk, we’d love to hear your story. If you are a farmer or regulator, please share.

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